Metro Exodus to Feature Deep Weapon and Gear Customization Options

Upgrading weapons offers significant gameplay advantages in Metro: Last Light. In Metro 2033, however, guns were merely picked up with advantageous attachments. Metro Redux, the series’ remaster on new gen hardware, introduces weapon customization to 2033. The sequel, Last Light, featured weapon customization from the start. A trip to the vendor allows for the purchase and attachment of weapon upgrades. These attachments include scopes, suppressors, options for an extended barrel, and several more. It’s no surprise, then, that the forthcoming third game in the series, Metro Exodus, will feature similar systems. But the options this time around are said to be richer.

Speaking with GamingBolt, Huw Beynon, head of general brand management at Metro publisher Deepsilver, teases how progression mechanically functions in Metro Exodus. While the game won’t by any means stand as comparable to an RPG, Beynon states that customization options will bear similarities to such titles.

I’m not going to pretend that we are a deep RPG. We obviously have a really rich weapon customization system. You discover new parts for weapons, and scavenge full weapon, and strip them for parts. You can then customize base weapons. So, you have hundreds of different permutations there. We’ve also added other aspects of your character that you can upgrade. In previous games we offered suits. This time around we will give you the ability to customize the gear that you’re wearing, like getting upgrades for your helmet.

It’s easy to discern how these options factor into upgrading weapons. How customization works for armor remains to be seen, though. Last Light features two types of armor–stealth and heavy. Choosing an armor set is left to player preference. If you prefer traversing areas unseen, the stealth option is your best bet. For those who like to get more physical, heavy armor provides a second option. Variations for each of these are likely to feature in Exodus. Of course, customization options could also mean that color schemes and skins may debut in the series, as well.

Metro Exodus launches early next year on February 22, 2019.

[Source: GamingBolt]