10% of The Path of Motus’ Sales Will Go Towards an Anti-Bullying Org

It’s been a lot road for two person team Michael Hicks (design, music, programming, writing) and Goncalo Antunes (all art and animations); but after 3 years of development The Path of Motus is finally here for PS4, Xbox One, and Steam. Unlike most games that are combative in nature, The Path of Motus encourages a path of nonviolence while its verbal combat system illustrates the fact that words can destroy others. But it’s not just about getting through bullies, it’s about self-reflection and (literal) bridge building:

A village of goblins has been trapped inside a mysterious forest; anyone who attempts to leave returns hopeless and defeated. Determined to break new ground, a young goblin named Motus plans to build a series of bridges through the forest. However, his perseverance will soon be tested, as he meets bullies that use their own words to stop him.

In the spirit of the game’s theme, Hicks is partnering with The Cybersmile Foundation “a leading non-profit that helps thousands of bullying victims each year through their support lines. The game costs $14.99, and 10% of all sales will be donated to Cybersmile.” If you want to send a little more towards the devs and the cause, a deluxe version that includes the soundtrack costs $17.99 on PS4 and Steam.

The emphasis on community continues as Hicks continues his work on YouTube, sharing key behind the scenes information for what goes into game dev. It’s encouragingly listed under the “follow your dreams” tab on the game’s official website. Here is one of many videos that remind you anyone can do it:

Below is what else to expect from The Path of Motus:

Featured Gameplay:

Verbal Combat: Motus meets bullies that yell a variety of deadly words; you’ll need to tactfully use your own words to deal with them. Will you use your words to inspire, or to destroy?

Bridge Building: There’s a reason why no one’s made it through the forest! Solve challenging bridge puzzles to build a way out.

Growing Up: Face unique challenges as Motus gradually grows from a child to an adult. Meet exciting new characters in each chapter of life and explore the deeper reasons for why they’re so aggressive towards others.

Thought Doors: Solve innovative puzzles that convey what Motus is feeling throughout the story. Unlike other story based games, the coolest moments in The Path of Motus come across nonverbally as you play.

The Path of Motus is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam.