Gravity Rush 2 Servers

Gravity Rush 2 Fans May Have Lost Battle for Servers to Stay Online

About a month ago SIE Japan Studio and Project Siren revealed that Gravity Rush 2 servers are going to be shut down. The servers were initially intended to shut down in January, but quite a big number of fans started a campaign, helped by this hashtag, and amazingly it worked, but only for a while. It was a good and valiant fight by so many loyal fans. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, it was confirmed that regardless of the huge appeal from many, many fans, that the game’s servers will, in fact, shut down anyway. Yes, today it’s scheduled to finally happen. The fans managed to prolong the servers for six months.

As it was unveiled, a while back, so many players are upset by this, because the servers shutting down means they will lose all of their challenges, photos, rewards, and other content forever. What’s more, leaderboards are now officially history and racing against the ghosts of other players won’t be possible any more. Treasure Hunts are also a thing of the past.

You should bear in mind, if you’re keen on the game or trying it, Gravity Rush 2 is still completely playable. All the Trophies can be unlocked without diving into the multiplayer modes. On the other hand, Dusty Tokens are extremely tough to get hold of now, so yeah, specific outfits and items can no longer be acquired.

Now that the time is up and the servers are about to evaporate along with so many goodies, gamers were hoping that the developer and the publisher would offer some sort of compromising solution via a potential patch, making items available to everyone. There is still no official word on that from SIE Japan Studio.

From a certain angle it seems like a logical move, to shut down online features that were not used very often, and yet Sony’s move to kill the servers so early after launch doesn’t look too good; especially with the game’s vibrant community and during such a massive outcry from so many loyal players.