Gravity Rush 2 Online Features Introduced in New Video

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia recently held a livestream during which it introduced the online portion of Gravity Rush 2 alongside revealing a Phantasy Star Online 2 collaboration costume. The videos below are in Japanese but we’ve added an English overview courtesy of Siliconera.

  • Online events can activate in the middle of gameplay. You can confirm its location on the map.
  • “Photo Review” is a feature that allows you to check out photos from other players, it’s demonstrated as the first thing in the above video. You can also share your own photos and get “likes” from other players for points called “Dusty Tokens. (There are other ways to acquire the tokens). You’ll unlock rewards whenever you reach a certain amount of Dusty Tokens.
  • In “Treasure hunting,” you’ll find a vast number of treasures on the map. Players who find the treasures can leave hunts for other players using photos. The players that receive the hints can then enjoy some treasure hunting with the clue.
  • “Challenge Mission” is where you can compete with players (ghosts) from around the world. You’ll also get to sent written challenges for this as well.
  • The number of enemies and mineral quantities are determined by the number of participating players at the “Mine.” By destroying minerals it’ll increase their value rises, and enemies appear accordingly. These powerful enemies drop “Talismans” that Kat can equip. Basically, Talismans are accessories that affect Kat’s stats, similar to Bloodborne’s Blood Gems.
  • In addition to gems, the Mine has “Gemstones” that can be found. When you take one of these home, you can break them down for Talismans. Think of it as a gacha-like system.
  • Mines also have “Lost Articles” that can be found. These are left behind by players that get KO’d while in a Mine. Dying in a Mine area will make you drop half your Gemstones and other items. Players who discover Lost Articles can then pick them up and keep it for themselves.

In addition to the above, SIE also revealed the following Phantasy Star Online 2 content for Gravity Rush 2 (thanks, Gematsu):

  • “Crazy Kitten” Costume
  • “Rappy” Photo Item
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 Container” Photo Item

A Western release for the content hasn’t been announced but you can check out a video of it below.

Gravity Rush 2 releases on January 18, 2017 in Europe and January 20, 2017 in North America for PlayStation 4.

[Source: Siliconera, Gematsu]