Spider-Man PS4’s OST Will Sound so Awesome on Vinyl

It probably goes without saying that Spider-Man PS4 is one of the most highly anticipated titles for 2018. Now, you may have already seen yesterday’s brand new story trailer (straight from San Diego Comic-Con 2018), and details have already reached us regarding Spider-Man Limited Edition PS4 Pro. Of course, if you still want more goodies, do not worry. To begin with, all of you music lovers have probably already started ordering the Spider-Man soundtrack.

The game’s soundtrack is going to be available for digital purchase, so it will be great listening to those exciting tunes on iPhone and so on. However, those who want to really appreciate top-quality audio will be able to grab the OST on vinyl to have a richer listening experience. Incorporated into this soundtrack are John Paesano’s gentle tones, and what better way to enjoy that than on vinyl.

Today we have received the word that the OST is already available for preorder via Mondo. The two-disc record collection comes in a gatefold jacket complete with original artwork from Craig Drake. In addition, there is a red disc, a blue and a black disc. The price for this little audio treat is $35.00.

So, as you’ve finished beating up villains in elaborate costumes, why not enjoy these lovely notes on vinyl? Any takers on this? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Push Square and mondotees.com]