Fallout Speedrunner Completes Every Mainline Game in 89 Minutes

Speedrunning often requires the most minute movements and faultless memory to pull off. So, of course, there’s a Fallout speedrunner who, in the downtime between now and the release of Fallout 76, has chucked all conceivable logic out of the window and has completed all five main games. That’s the likes of the original Fallout through to New Vegas and eventually Fallout 4in under 90 minutes.

The Any% run by tomatoanus (yep, that’s his name), is as dastardly as it is daring with its use of glitches and exploits to make short work of all but the games’ most necessary moments. It ranges from the sublime (there’s a certain charm in the Vault-Boy location skips) to the utterly silly (New Vegas is actually quicker to complete with Italian audio because reasons). It all adds up to a world record time of 89:17 seconds, which you can watch in full below.

Seeing as how the likes of Fallout 3 normally clocks in at a few dozen hours on breezy run, it’s some achievement by tomatoanus (just checking: that’s still his name) to make a mockery of each game like that. I mean, if you can complete Fallout in the time it takes for me to make a cup of tea then you deserve some sort of recognition. So kudos to tomatoanus, you super, super speedrunner. Please change your name.