‘Final’ God of War Secret Discovered by Fans

While God of War has been out for several months now, fans have been digging through every possible detail, in and outside of the game, looking for secrets. Several have been found, but due to a comment from director Cory Barlog at a convention, the search has only intensified. The God of War community has been seeking a “final” secret, one supposedly located in Kratos’ home at the beginning of the story. That secret has apparently been found, and even confirmed as such, by one of the game’s concept artists.

Spoiler warning from this point on, by the way.

Many of the God of War secrets discovered have been tied to translating runes, which have been located anywhere from within the game’s environment, to the cloth map that came with the collector’s edition. Sure enough, some well-hidden runes were found in the Kratos family home, and they spell out “LOKI” when translated. Of course, anyone who plays the game knows that the identity of Loki in God of War would be no secret, especially for fans obsessively scouring over everything for bonus clues. So was it all a wild goose chase, or is there more to it? The answer is, yeah, actually.

When ostensibly confirming to the fan community that this was indeed the secret, the Big One if you will, senior concept artist Joe Kennedy added a little to it, to help folks stunned by the mundane revelation put two and two together. He wrote “#FayeKnew” in hashtag form, telling fans that this clue confirms that Faye, Kratos’ wife and Atreus’ mother, knew that Atreus is destined to become a god. Similar hints of Faye’s prophetic knowledge are shown towards the end, but the “final” secret is meant to wrap the story up in a bow of sorts.

[Source: Gearnuke]