Penguin Wars Release Date

Penguin Wars Brings Back Arcade Fun in August

Published by Dispatch Games and developed by City Connection, Penguin Wars is a remake of a classic arcade game that initially launched in 1985. The revival, which has received a vibrant coat of paint, refined mechanics, and new game modes, will make its PlayStation 4 debut on August 20, 2018.

Just like the 1985 version of the game, Penguin Wars is still primarily a dodgeball game about using ten balls to pummel your opponent. Your goal is to beat them senseless or make sure more balls are on their side of the screen than on yours. But now there’s a lot more to it. Players can evolve characters in Story Mode and use those improved characters in both local and online play. The more time you put into the campaign, the stronger you become.

Penguin Wars‘ Story mode involves Riley and his friends going on a journey to Gira Gira land. Each character has a different skill set, so you’ll want to master them all and use the best one for any given challenge. Penguin Wars also includes new rules, multiplayer functionality, and remixes of the original tracks to give this classic a fresh spin.

Penguin Wars‘ standard edition can be purchased both in retail stores and via the Dispatch Games Online Store for $29.99. Will you be picking the game up when it releases on August 20, 2018?