Ubisoft Announces Initial Details for Rainbow Six Siege Season Three: Operation Grim Sky

It’s about time for season three of Rainbow Six Siege to kick off, and Ubisoft has sent out a press release announcing the first few details. The new season is called Operation: Grim Sky. Not only will two new Operators be joining the game’s roster, but Grim Sky will also introduce Rainbow Six Siege‘s first-ever “map rework.”

As for the two new Operators, one will be an American Attacker, and the other will be a British Defender. That’s all you get for now! Ubisoft’s primary goal for now is making sure you know about the map rework, which is all about taking one of the original maps, Hereford Base, and giving it a massive face-lift. Hereford Base was one of the first maps in the Rainbow Six Siege beta, going all the way back to 2015. It’s also heavily inspired by Tom Clancy‘s original novel, so it makes thematic sense to go back and give it a new coat of paint.

This rework is pretty serious. Ubisoft claims that while players will still be familiar with the map, it will feature a whole new layout, visual identity, and even architecture. To that end, Ubisoft insists that it’s enough of a shift to consider it a brand new map.

That’s all the information for now, but Ubisoft will be introducing Grim Sky in full during the Six Major Paris esports event, which takes place August 17-19.