Star Wars Battlefront 2 Patch Brings Back Favorites and Rebalances Game

Experience the darkside again. Emperor Palpatine is back and more balanced than ever in Star Wars Battlefront II. In a sharp contrast, your cute, cuddly, teddy bear-like friends have also returned with the return of Ewok Hunt.

As a reminder, here is how Ewok Hunt works. Get ready to protect Endor or survive as a Stormtrooper! People can be either a Stormtrooper or Ewok in this mode. For each Stormtrooper taken out, an Ewok takes their place. This continues until there are only fluffy warriors celebrating left.

This Star Wars Battlefront II update includes other adjustments, like rebalanced characters and fixed glitches. Read the details below:


  • Palpatine has been added back to the game
  • Fixed an issue with Palpatine being very overpowered by restricting the angle from which the player could lock on with his lighting ability
  • Fixed an issue with Palpatine being able to lock onto targets through walls
  • Ewok Hunt has been added back to the game
  • Fixed an issue in Ewok Hunt where Stormtroopers were unable to board the shuttle
  • Rebalanced stamina for lightsaber heroes
  • Fixed an issue in Hero Starfighters on PC where players experienced a short stuttering before being locked on
  • Fixed an issue with Extraction where objective markers were misplaced on Kessel and Jabba’s Palace

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[Source: EA]