Ubisoft Announces Details for Six Paris Major Rainbow Six Siege Competition Event

Yesterday, Ubisoft introduced some brief details for the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege season, but held off on the good stuff in favor of an upcoming esports event. Now, Ubisoft has announced the full slate of details for said event, called the Six Paris Major. This event, which will be held in Paris, France from August 13 – 19, is being promoted as the largest esports event for Rainbow Six Siege ever organized in Europe.

The Six Paris Major will feature sixteen teams, all of which have now been confirmed. These teams, which come from the four regions making up the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Pro League, are throwing down for a $350,000 prize pool. The sixteen teams will face off during the first half of the event, whittling the competition down to eight teams. After that, the event will conclude at the Paris Expo event at the Porte de Versailles. This half, running from August 17 – 19, will be open to the public.

The tournament won’t be the only event. A “Showmatch” will be held featuring “surprise guests,” and a “All-Star Match” will take place ahead of the grand finals, featuring some of the game’s top players. A documentary, Another Mindset, will be shown, which follows several pro players and tells a story of how Rainbow Six Siege affected their lives. Of course, there will also be panels, including the planned full reveal of the game’s next update, known as Operation: Grim Sky.

Here’s the full list of confirmed teams, per a Ubisfot press release:


ELEMENT MYSTIC (APAC): The South Korean organization acquired its roster back in April but its players have been in Pro League since Asia-Pacific region first days – they are not here for the fun.

EVIL GENIUSES (NA): As winners at the Six Invitational 2017 (under the name “Continuum”), they are one of the most seasoned teams on the scene, constantly performing on the international stage.

FAZE CLAN (LATAM): consisting of seasoned players, known for their skills and aggressive plays, they will be one of the 4 Brazilian teams in the Six Major Paris, the most represented country.

FNATIC (APAC): Fnatic will be proudly representing the Australia-New Zealand portion of the Asia-Pacific region, a region they have been dominating for the last seasons, seating in group B as seed 2.

IMMORTALS (LATAM): Facing Millenium, Evil Geniuses and Element Mystic in a tough group, the Brazilian side finally gets a chance to show off big during an international LAN event.

MILLENIUM (EU): Earning their slot for the Major thanks to their strong performances at the Season 7 Finals, they will benefit from local support in Paris, as one of the 3 French teams qualified.

MOCK-IT ESPORTS (EU): Surprise “Coupe de France” champion, Mock-It indeed earned its spot via a local French competition as this first edition of the Six Major takes place in Paris.

NINJAS IN PYJAMAS (LATAM): Ninjas in Pyjamas is done with teasing, Julio and his mates are on this scene to earn trophies and glory, qualifying via the Latin-American online qualifiers.

NORA-RENGO (APAC): Based in Japan and known for their spectacular playstyle, things should get even more exciting as they now welcome ex-eINs’ ShiN in their line-up.

OBEY ALLIANCE (NA): Beating Mousesport in the North America Online Qualifiers, Skys, Bosco and their mates are surprise attendees but seasoned enough to surprise even further!

ORGLESS (EU): They may be “orgless” but they do not lack talent. After competing under the “Charity Nerds” name at Dreamhack Valencia, they qualified through their victory in the EU qualifiers.

PENTA SPORTS (EU): The most awarded team in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six history. As Six Invitational 2018 World Champions, they automatically secured their spot at the Six Major Paris.

ROGUE (NA): While not as prestigious as Evil Geniuses, Rogue always manage to perform impressively and attend all major Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six events. Will they finally reach a Grand Final?

TEAM LIQUID (LATAM): As Pro League Season 7 Champions, Team Liquid took the seed 1 of group A and will put on stage the most successful players from the Latin America region.

TEAM SECRET (EU): The European organization just acquired a roster, but its players (3 British, 2 French) are no newbies. As Dreamhack Valencia winners, they are currently one of the hottest teams.

TEAM VITALITY (EU): After failing during Season 7, the online qualifiers or at the Coupe de France, the French side earned the 16th and last ticket for the Major during an epic DreamHack Valence!