Psyonix Has Delayed Rocket League’s RocketIDs

There is some bad news for Rocket League fans looking forward to cross-play. Psyonix took to the official website to go over the studio’s updates to the Rocket League summer 2018 roadmap. We now have a better idea of what to expect new features like RocketIDs (which make Cross-Platform Parties possible), changes to progression, and the introduction of the new Rocket Pass. Unfortunately, RocketIDs have been delayed.

Psyonix Game Director Scott Rudi led with this sad news. He said, “We have decided to target RocketID for September (pending first-party certification) instead of this month as we had originally planned.” RocketID, which will allow form Cross-Platform Parties, was first introduced in the Summer 2018 Roadmap as a way for friends from other platforms to play together. The last day of summer is September 22, 2018, so RocketIDs should make the cutoff as long as Pysonix remains on course.

Rudi went on to say that the “August Update” is still on track to release by the end of the month. It will bring a host of changes to progression, like removing the level cap and only giving experience to people who play Online Matches, in the hopes of making “gaining levels desirable, achievable, and rewarding.”

The first ever Rocket Pass will launch one week after the August 2018 update and appear sometime in September 2018. Similar to Fortnite‘s Battle Pass or PUBG‘s Event Pass, Rocket League‘s Rocket Pass will “give you several ways to earn new content” in the game. There will be free and premium versions, with the premium version costing $9.99 USD. With the game’s drop rate percentage for loot boxes revealed, everyone may have a more rewarding time investing in the Rocket Pass.

Rocket League is available now for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One. The Ultimate Edition of Rocket League will launch on August 28, 2018. Psyonix has some more announcements for Rocket League coming later in 2018, with Competitive Season 9 starting in Fall 2018.

[Source: The Official Rocket League Site]