Marvel’s Spider-Man Gameplay Shows Off Air Tricks and Stealthy Moves

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Marvel’s Spider-Man so far is the fun factor. This doesn’t just apply to how the game controls, though. Peter Parker, better known as Spider-Man, looks genuinely thrilled to be a superhero. In the latest gameplay video from PlayStation Access, this sentiment perfectly shines through.

See for yourself in the 18-minute Marvel’s Spider-Man gameplay walkthrough below.

In the video, Bryan Intihar, Marvel’s Spider-Man Creative Director, provides commentary. He is accompanied by PlayStation Access’ Hollie Bennett. For the first time, we get a serious look at the stealthier elements. The webslinger slinks around in vents, taking on unsuspecting enemies in a way only his unique skillset allows. We also see him isolating thugs by distracting one, then sneakily going after another. Stealth is fun when players employ patience, but Spider-Man makes quietly and quickly moving through an area look like a never-before-seen experience.

The new footage of webslinging is also exciting. Yes, this mechanic takes center stage whenever Insomniac shows off the game. However, this Marvel’s Spider-Man gameplay video offers a closer look at the tricks Spider-Man can perform mid-air. According to Intihar, as the game progresses, players will unlock new tricks to use while swinging. It’s an impressive sight, almost as though Spidey’s in a Tony Hawk Pro Skater game. Minus the skateboard, of course.

The new video also reveals details on the different times of day featured in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Dusk, dawn, day, and night were shown. Weather plays a part, as well. During the main narrative, the times of day will change based on specific story moments. Once the story is complete, players can select the time of day in which they prefer to explore the world.

As the Spider-Man release date draws near, more details are bound to surface. There are still plenty of things to learn about, such as villains and the state of Marvel’s world in this version of Spider-Man’s mythos. But, hopefully, Insomniac will keep the most surprising details under wraps.

Marvel’s Spider-Man arrives on PlayStation 4 on September 7, 2018.