Electronaunts Update

Electronauts Team Promises Free Content Updates

Electronauts lets anyone with a VR headset become a DJ.  While the game only just released on the PlayStation VR on August 7, 2018, Survios has already promised free, periodic content updates in the future.

In a recent Reddit AmA, the team expanded on what these Electronauts updates will entail. Roger Jao, Survios’ Music Supervisor, stated:

We’ve got quite a few hip hop tracks lined up for our updates later this year, ranging from the current generation of young rappers to some old school legends… I think you’ll be impressed by the hip hop artists we’ll be unveiling.

He added the following, to remind gamers that extra Electronauts content doesn’t just mean added tracks:

We have many more songs lined up for periodic release via free content updates. Expect not only more music, but a wider variety of genres and styles… plus some more big headliners too.

While the team boasts that every track is beginner friendly and impossible to botch, a few tracks were highlighted as especially good to start with: including “Heat,” by Madmap, “Mist,” by Starbuck, and “Don’t Call Me,” by TOKiMONSTA.

If you’re just getting started with Electronauts, the team recently released a tutorial video to help get you started with making arrangements. (There are many more tutorials on their channel!)

Electronauts is currently available for $19.99. While complications and limited resources prevented the team from making a demo for the PlayStation VR, Zach Gonzalez, Survios’ Lead Producer, is hoping  “the price point, the quality bar set by our previous games, and the fact that we plan to support this by updating it with free music will make it more appealing to everyone.” Previous VR games from Survios include Raw Data and Sprint Vector.

For now, here’s a video of the lead audio designer jamming out to his own creation, in-game:

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[Source: Reddit]