World of Tanks: Mercenaries Event is Rolling Through Cantigny Park in September

On September 15, Cantigny Park in Chicago will be the host to a massive World of Tanks: Mercenaries fan event. During the event, not only will fans and confused passers-by be able to get their hands on the game via a herd of gaming stations, but developer Wargaming West will be on site with various presentations, and a tease or two as to what’s next in the uh, world of World of Tanks.

Fans may be mostly interested in multiple merchandise opportunities, which comprise raffles, giveaways, and of course competitions. Wargaming West will also be facilitating private tours of the First Division Museum as part of the event. A normal attraction in Cantigny Park, this museum features plenty of real-life tanks, including the M41A3 Walker Bulldog, the M46 Patton, and the T26E4 Pershing. Of course, as pointed out in the press release, World of Tanks: Mercenaries boasts nearly 700 tanks from over 10 different nations, so fans will have a chance to see some of those bad boys in person.

This is a family-friendly event, so there will be more to do than tour a museum and play video games. There will also be coloring activities, an obstacle course, races, sporting events, and more. Of course, these activities are weather-dependent. Can’t hold Wargaming West responsible if it rains or something.

The first 200 folks to RSVP will get special rewards, so make sure to get over to Wargaming West’s website to get on that action. Also, if you can’t attend, using the “WargamingCantigny” hashtag on social media will get your name in the hat for some remote goodies.