world of tanks mercenaries commander mode

Commander Mode Turns World of Tanks: Mercenaries Into a RTS

Today, developer Wargaming has announced a new mode for World of Tanks: Mercenaries. In the new Commander Mode, which is exclusive to consoles, the familiar World of Tanks gameplay shifts into new, strategic territory. Also, some new content designed by a renowned artist is coming to the game as well.

Commander Mode brings real-time strategy flavor to World of Tanks: Mercenaries. In this mode, players will take control of a squad of nine tanks, and gameplay will take place with an isometric view. The player takes on the role of a commander, overseeing and directing the action from above. Players will be able to issue individual tank orders, as well as send them out in groups. Alternatively, a team of up to five Tankers can band together against an enemy Commander.

Commander Mode will be a limited time event, and will run from November 30, 2018 to December 9. This mode will allow players to focus more on strategy for a change of pace, and adjustments such as unlimited ammo will help facilitate that.

Wargaming has also introduced a new group of Mercenaries, called The Outcasts. These characters were designed by Brett Parson, a comics artist best known for his work on Tank Girl and New Romancer. These characters are available individually through December 11, 2018, and as a unit in the Outcasts Mega Collection. Check out the official details, per a press release:

  • Banana Buster – a deliberate brawler with awesome armor. It’s captained by 40 Watt Club, a French Resistance fighter who delights in hunting down members of German high command!
  • Beach Party – the resilient hybrid of three nations’ engineering prowess, it’s fronted with a magnificently powerful weapon. Battalion 23, an American soldier who went mad surviving and fighting his way through the forests of Japan after World War II, is at its helm.
  • T.A.N.K. – this absolute unit has excellent speed, agility, and close-range combat prowess. The Buck is its master, a cruel and vindictive war criminal who operates a nefarious network of Mercenaries who sweep Europe like a plague of locusts.

Finally, on November 27, a new Hero tank called the Audace AMX Canon d’assaut 105 will be introduced. This is a speed-based tank, with fast movement and aim time, making it ideal for a stealth approach. According to Wargaming, it’s good in a face-to-face pinch as well.