world of tanks mercenaries halloween event

Monster Tanks Haunts World of Tanks: Mercenaries for Halloween

Halloween events are serious business, and at this point, some of them are regular traditions. Wargaming’s World of Tanks: Mercenaries is no exception, and the company has announced today the details of this year’s Monster Tanks event. Running from October 26 – 29, 2018, Monster Tanks brings new tanks, bonuses and more to the game with some Halloween flair.

Wargaming is having all of the fun with Monster Tanks, stating in a press release that, “when there is no more room in tank hell, iron beasts will roam the Earth.” Monster Tanks introduces new “Awakened forms” for eight premium tanks, two of which are the new Wraith Panzer 58, and the Bog Horror (pictured above). The Awakened forms give the tanks in question “unnatural powers,” new spooky looks, and also make them usable in the Grim Graveyard map.

If players don’t have any of the eight premium tanks, the Spectre tank will be available for free, with its Monsters Awakened mode, for a limited time (presumably the duration of the event).

Right after the event, on October 30, the new 4.7 update for World of Tanks: Mercenaries will launch, which adds new maps and a new gang of bad guy mercenaries. More information on the update’s contents will be released later.