World of Tanks Mercenaries announced

World of Tanks: Mercenaries Announced, Exclusive to PS4 and Xbox One

Wargaming have just announced World of Tanks: Mercenaries, a game that was described by the developer as “a World War II-based online multiplayer armored combat experience.” The title is on its way exclusively to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles on June 26, 2018. Oh and one other thing: this is going to be a completely free update.

Of course, you’ve most likely heard of the extremely popular World of Tanks franchise. Well, World of Tanks: Mercenaries is going to be the official name of the combined console version of World of Tanks, the story-driven War Stories component and all new Mercenaries-themed content. Check out the trailer below:

According to Wargaming, the game an entirely updated experience, with the introduction of the Mercenaries “nation.”  These mercs have some of the most awesome tanks ever. Apparently, these tanks represent an assembly of technologies scavenged from across the globe, “with a giant dash of improvisation and ingenuity added to create an entirely new armored force, ideally suited to this new ragtag but highly lethal military force.”

Early in 2018 we’ve learned that console versions of World of Tanks reached 14 million players worldwide. That number has jumped since then. Now, the free World of Tanks: Mercenaries update is going to be rolled out to 15 million global console-based virtual tank commanders.

The free update also features the following:

  • Mercenaries faction
  • New maps
  • New content and the first three-chapter story-driven campaign, “The Heist.”

You can find out more at the official World of Tanks web site.