Is the ‘Slit-Faced Woman’ Coming to Dead by Daylight?

In a quick release from Behaviour Studios, it’s apparent that something is coming to Dead by Daylight. Whatever that something is, it hails from Japan and is probably evil. In a quick “First Cut” tease, all we have to rely on for “The Next Chapter” is a small video, a brief translation, and perhaps a dash of fan speculation that could be totally off the mark. Or is it?

Let’s take a look.

The Dead by Daylight teaser starts off with a gnarly-looking, demonic mask, which transitions to a grisly murder. A voice says, (kindly translated in the YouTube comments) “There is no point, dear daughter. We are born to die. The more we wait, the more pain we carry.” Then, it’s over. It’s quite clear we’re being introduced to a new setting and a new killer.

But who or what is it? Are we looking at the wielder of the sword in the video? Or could it be the victim? A lot of fan speculation is pointing to the victim, surprisingly enough, and the Japanese legend of Kuchisake-onna, also known as the “slit-faced woman.” In the legend, a women is killed by her husband, and her spirit roams around with a vengeance, attacking her own victims with scissors. Apparently, a wave of “sightings,” dating back to the 1970s, involved a woman wearing a similar mask to the one shown in the teaser.

Of course, there are no scissors in the teaser either, but the mythology of Kuchisake-onna does date back to the Edo period. Either way, it’s fun to speculate.

Don’t forget that Dead by Daylight is a current PlayStation Plus freebie, so give it a whirl while you can!

[Source: YouTube, WCCFTech]