PlayStation Updates PSN Search Bar (for Some People)

Some PS4 owners have reported that their PSN search bars have changed from the letter by letter scroll function to a standard keyboard. Sony’s original search function has long frustrated some gamers, especially because Microsoft and Nintendo both use a standard keyboard.

Some people may have felt it was counterintuitive to scroll through the alphabet to enter a game’s name to search for it in the PlayStation Store. After all, a standard keyboard does appears in other areas. When PlayStation 4 users enter credit card information or look up friends, the keyboard appears.

Additionally, it seems that some PlayStation 4 users can also now peruse the store by genre, studio, or publisher. Hopefully, the search results have been updated to be more forgiving to typos and approximations. It currently seems like the entire name has to be written perfectly to yield good results.

Don’t get too excited about this PlayStation Store news. Most PlayStation 4 owners won’t see this update yet, and it’s unclear when it will be rolled out to everyone. Those who are seeing this change are part of the 6.0 firmware beta leaving many to suspect that this new search functionality will be part of the PlayStation 4’s upcoming update.

The idea of improved UI and search options makes me want to shop. What are your thoughts on this change? What else would you like to see in the 6.0 firmware update? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: IGN]