PS4 Update 5.56 Is a Quick Download Providing More of the Same

Sony dropped system software update 5.56 for the PlayStation 4 on August 31, 2018. The update is around 460 megabytes, so it shouldn’t take long to download. It provides us with the usual “improve[d] system performance.” Nothing more is written in the patch notes, but we’ve come to be expect these minimal changes when given second decimal updates. The last big change came from system software update 5.5 and, before that, update 5.0.

At the moment, this update doesn’t seem to be live for North American PlayStation 4 owners, as it’s not yet posted on PlayStation’s North American site . But you can see the information regarding the update and, if you’re in Europe, download it here. We’ve seen this “delay” happen before, so it’s nothing to be concerned about. The North American update should appear later today.

Not all updates are going to reinvent the wheel, but these small adjustments are what allow larger PS4 updates to happen. Overall, update 5.56 isn’t anything exciting but we should be getting a game changing firmware update soon. In fact, we’re already seeing strong improvements being rolled out to PlayStation 4 owners.

What changes would you’d like to see made to the PlayStation 4’s software and firmware? Dream up some adjustments in the comments below.