Something Might Be Happening With Resonance of Fate


It looks like something is going down with tri-Ace, and that something could have to do with Resonance of Fate. Not only has a classification rating for the IP appeared (in Germany), but some long-dormant Twitter accounts have suddenly sprung back to life. It’s possible that some sort of remaster or re-release is on the way, perhaps to be announced as part of the 2018 Tokyo Game Show.

For starters, the community has picked up on a classification rating from the USK, which is Germany’s self-regulatory organization for entertainment software. It is basically that country’s ESRB. The listing is simply for Resonance of Fate with no subtitle, for both the PlayStation 4 and the PC. This classification is dated for August 31, 2018.

Not long after people found the rating, a couple of Japanese Twitter accounts representing two of Resonance of Fate‘s characters came to life after eight years of silence. Both accounts are noted as being run in official capacity by developer tri-Ace in their bios, and they’re tweeting (in-character of course) with the “EoE” hashtag. That stands for End of Eternity, which is the game’s Japanese title. Oddly enough, legend has it that Resonance of Fate is the game’s true title, with End of Eternity being a mandate from Sega, which published the game back in 2010.

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