Blizzard Gear Unleashes Line of New, Highly Detailed, and Expensive Overwatch Statues

Rejoice! Blizzard Gear has unleashed their expertly detailed line of Overwatch statues. Prices range from $175-$450 on various statues, but one look at each is enough to understand why. Among these gorgeous collectibles are the following characters: Doomfist, Mercy, Hanzo, Genji, D.VA, Widowmaker, and Tracer. You can find images and details of each figure, below:

  • Doomfist: $300.00
    • Specifications- Measures 14.25″/36 cm. Base is 15″/38 cm in diameter.

Overwatch Statues

  • Mercy: $175.00
    • Specifications: Measures 13.75″/34.925 cm (floor to head). Base is 12.75″/32.385 cm in diameter.

Overwatch Statues

  • Hanzo: $175.00
    • Specifications: Measures 13″/33 cm. Base is 10″/25.4 cm in diameter.

Overwatch Statues

  • Genji: $175.00
    • Specifications: Measures 11.75″/29.85 cm (floor to head). Base is 10″/25.4 cm in diameter.

  • D.VA: $450.00
    • Specifications: Measures 20.25″/51.4 cm (floor to head). Base is 13.375″/34 cm in diameter.

  • Widowmaker: $175.00
    • Specifications: Measures 13.5″ (floor to head). Base is 7.5″ in diameter.

Overwatch Statues

  • Tracer: $175.00
    • Specifications: Measures 10.5”/26.67cm (floor to head).

Overwatch Statues

Each statue comes with a small disclaimer on the Blizzard Gear’s page, stating that each one is hand-painted, and will most likely arrive with slight variations from what is advertised. Though, with those price tags, I can’t imagine those differences being astronomical. In line with upcoming holidays, one of these is sure to make an excellent gift for long time veterans of the game. But where are the other characters, you ask? Very good question. It’s hard to tell if Blizzard Gear will have any more to release before the holidays, but keep your eyes open!

Which character do you want to see make an appearance among these beautifully crafted statues? Chime in, below!

[Source: Blizzard Gear]