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New Overwatch 2 Heroes Will Need to Be Unlocked Through Battle Pass

Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that Overwatch 2 heroes can be unlocked through the “free track” of the game’s Battle Pass, assuaging concerns that players will need to pay for them. Since the game is going free-to-play, new heroes won’t simply be unlocked by default. You’ll either need to grind a little bit or you can purchase the premium Battle Pass and unlock them day-one.

Why Overwatch 2 heroes won’t be unlocked by default

Players became concerned when an Overwatch 2 Battle.net shop listing mentioned that players who owned Season One’s premium Battle Pass will have instant access to Kiriko. This was taken as an indication that new heroes will need to be paid for since the game is going free-to-play and needs a way to monetize.

It’s understandable that Blizzard has to find a way to monetize the game, giving those who don’t want to grind an opportunity to just pay for instant unlocks. This is part and parcel of the free-to-play model, and similar strategies have been successfully implemented in other F2P games.

As for those who are unable to grind for a specific hero, the good news is that they will get more than one opportunity to do so.

The only part that’s truly disappointing is the lack of communication surrounding this.

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