Ubisoft’s Serge Hascoet Says Gaming Industry Has No Soul

In a recent interview with Game Informer, Ubisoft’s CCO Serge Hascoet professed his excitement for Assassin’s Creed’s future while also commenting on the status of a new Splinter Cell title. Within that passionate outlook for the future came genuine concern for the business he’s been involved in for over three decades. He said, “You know what is missing in this industry? A soul.”

According to Hascoet, he stated, “Video games are about gaming, and gaming is not about entertainment, it’s about learning.” He believes that if games rely solely on the prospect of entertaining, alone, then we lose something.

I question the team about what real benefits the player will take away from the game for their real life. Right now, we don’t do enough in this area. This is what excites me, how to make something that lets you have the most fun while also having something beneficial for your life.

When asked about interactive entertainment and it’s relationship with the verb “kill,” Hascoet said it needs to rid itself of the word, comparing the usefulness of video games to board games. When playing a board game, you have other people present, which forces you to interact with other humans in ways that develop social skills and the ability to “read people.”

We have to understand how we can change games and the rules to have this kind of benefit.

What do you guys think? Does the industry need to regain its soul by giving us bigger things to take away or are things fine as is? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: Game Informer]