An Overwatch Cereal Called Lucio-Oh’s May Be on Its Way

We may see an in-game Overwatch item crossing over into the real world. The Junk Food Aisle found a product listing on for “Kellogs Licensed Brands Cereal Lucio-Oh’s.” The website even posted a picture of they claim is the cereal’s box. According to the box, the cereal will be “sonic vanilla” flavored.

In addition to giving Overwatch fans a way to bring their fandom in the real world, Lucio-Oh’s will also apparently have in-game rewards, as well. Each purchase will have a “Loot Boost,” which will give you an extra loot box when you level up three times. The process appears to not simply be a code you can enter in-game, either. You must take a picture of the receipt, log in to a specific website, and submit your receipt within thirty days of purchasing the cereal. The cereal must also be purchased between December 3 and December 31, 2018.

Lucio-Oh’s, which are an in-game spray, quickly became popular with players. In fact, petitions have been made to get Blizzard to turn the in-game cereal into a real one. People may be getting their wish.

Real-world Overwatch merchandise has been quite hot lately. We just recently got our first look at upcoming Overwatch LEGO sets. In addition, fans can get their hands on a recreation of Snowball, Mei’s adorable robot assistant.

Will you be getting your hands on some Lucio-Oh’s, if they turn out to be real? Let us know!

[Source: The Junk Food Aisle]