Hakam Karim Just Broke the World Record for PlayStation Platinum Trophies Earned

Plenty of PlayStation fans are self-proclaimed trophy hunters, working hard to accomplish the in-game tasks necessary to earn them. The platinum trophy is the rarest in each game, and many of them require that players earn every other trophy in the game. It’s a daunting task that makes many give up before we even start, but not Hakam Karim. Now, he’s won a Guiness World Record for his accomplishments.

On October 6,  2018, Karim took to Twitter to announce that he had received his certificate from Guinness World Records that officially made him the person who has earned the most PlayStation platinum trophies in the world. As of September 19, 2018, Karim, username Hakoom, had earned 1,691 platinum trophies.


At the time of writing on October 8, 2018, that number was unsurprisingly even higher. Karim had 1,717 platinum trophies and 70, 127 trophies in total. Of the 2,522 games he has played, 2,074 of them are completed. With a 90.93% game completion rate, Karim earns 18.71 trophies, on average, per day.

So many of us see trophy lists as a to-do list we may or may not get around to, reserving completionist status for select games (if we do it at all). But unlike most gamers, Karim sees things through more often than not, and that’s an impressive feat.

Tell us what your approach to earning trophies is in the comment below. Will you try to steal Karim’s world record?

[Source: Twitter]