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Quantic Dream Job Posting Suggests Upcoming Multiplatform Release

Quantic Dream is looking for a senior PC engineer programmer with expertise in Direct3D 11 or 12, as highlighted by Resetera user Rodjer earlier today. Since the posting specifically makes mention of Microsoft Direct3D 11 or 2, some are suggesting that Quantic Dream’s next project could see a multiplatform release.

Most recently known for the PlayStation 4 exclusive, choice-driven Detroit: Become HumanQuantic Dream has a long history with Sony Interactive Entertainment. While the game was generally well received, the studio saw its own share of controversies.

If Quantic Dream were to release their next game on a  Microsoft platform, that wouldn’t mean the end for their relationship with Sony. Although anything is possible, now that Quantic Dream’s three game contract with Sony Interactive Entertainment has been fulfilled.

As far as the studio’s next project, things are entirely up in the air. History has told us that Quantic Dream favors individual, isolated experiences. At the same time, a sequel to Detroit: Become Human isn’t entirely off the table, if the team feels there’s more of the story to tell.

How would you feel about Quantic Dream releasing their next game across multiple platforms? While you wait for more information to surface, be sure to check out our review of Detroit: Become Human.

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