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Sony Gives Developers Freedom and Doesn’t Impose Anything, Says Quantic Dream’s David Cage

With less than a week to go until Detroit: Become Human‘s launch, Quantic Dream founder David Cage has offered some interesting insight into his studio’s relationship with Sony.

During a recent interview, French website Les Numériques (translation by ResetEra user Birdseye) quizzed Cage about Quantic Dream’s rather brief portfolio of five games (released over twenty years), to which he responded with the following:

We’ve always had the chance to meet publishers who believed in us. This has been the case with Sony for 12 years now. This is also due to the fact that we’ve never made sequels of our games. We’ve always worked on new games, with new engines. We don’t want to have an industrial logic. We see ourselves as craftsmen.

Cage revealed that Sony has no involvement in determining a game’s content and that any decisions Quantic Dream makes is the studio’s own. “They never imposed anything on us,” he elaborated. “It’s always been the decisions of the studio. We seek the talent on our own.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Les Numériques asked about the possibility of Heavy Rain 2 and if Sony has ever pushed the studio to adopt a more industrial approach to video game development. According to Cage, Quantic Dream didn’t want to work on a sequel and Sony gives the studio the freedom to choose what it wants to work on.

“With them, we want to invent new things, to try new stories,” said Cage. “It’s a luxury with maximum freedom.”

He also commended Sony for doing a “remarkable job” showing that single-player games are still doing well.

Make sure to check out the full interview where Cage also talks at length about the upcoming Detroit: Become Human.

[Source: Les Numériques via ResetEra]