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No, Diablo ‘Reign of Terror’ Isn’t a New Game or Content

A day ago, Blizzard addedDiablo Reign of Terror poster and two Diablo Reign of Terror shirts to its BlizzCon 2018 item list on the Blizzard store. Considering all the recent reports of new Diablo projects being in the works, this development gave birth to speculation that Reign of Terror either refers to a new title or new content set to be announced at the upcoming event. Unfortunately, however, Reign of Terror is exactly what the store suggests: BlizzCon 2018 gear.

“These are names and copy used for some of the new products available at BlizzCon this year, and not direct references to content at the show,” a Blizzard spokesperson told GameSpot.

This statement was released not long after Blizzard found itself clarifying widely reported comments about Diablo III cross-play. A recent interview suggested that the developer was working on cross-play for the title but a PR representative told us that there are no plans to implement cross-play at this time although Blizzard “loves the idea of bringing players together across platforms.”

The debunking of both reports may come as a disappointment to Diablo fans but here’s hoping something exciting is in store for BlizzCon. The event kicks off on Friday, November 2.

As usual, we’ll keep our readers posted.

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