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Bethesda: Fallout 76 Is a ‘Scary’ But ‘Exciting’ Departure from the Series

Fallout 76 is not only the series’ first multiplayer game, it’s also Bethesda Game Studios’ first multiplayer-only game. As excited as the developer is with the new direction, VP of Marketing Pete Hines acknowledges that the upcoming title is a “scary” departure from the series because it’s something different and new.

In an interview with GameSpot, Hines said that Fallout 76 does bear resemblance to past games but there are aspects that are going to feel different.

For instance, the tone, the vibe, look, and feel of the world can go a long way to give you a sense of familiarity to sort of wrap your head around things. It’s still a Fallout world, even though these things are different. But yeah, this is a really scary and different thing to be a part of. We are fully aware of that. We are making changes and making a different kind of game, but it’s one that we are excited to try and see what it can turn into.

Hines added that the upcoming title will be able to accomplish things that the past games couldn’t. As an example, players weren’t able to experience the game with their friends or seek help if they were stuck. They’ll now be able to “enhance” their experiences and share them with their friends.

“Yes, it’s a departure, and it’s new and scary,” Hines reiterated. “But it’s an opportunity to have people share experiences that they’ve always wanted but have never been able to before.”

Fallout 76 will release on November 14, 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A beta test will go live on the PS4 on October 30.

[Source: GameSpot]