Report: DICE Experiencing Staff Turnover Amid Competition From Major Studios in Stockholm

Swedish publication Digital has reported that Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefield developer, DICE, experienced significant staff turnover following the troubled launch of Battlefront II.

According to a translation of the article by ResetEra user ResetGreyWolf, LinkedIn records show that about 40 employees left the studio this year alone but Digital’s sources claim that the actual number is much higher. Additionally, some employees have reportedly handed in their resignation notices and have yet to leave the company.

The “core” studio reportedly employs around 400 people, which means it may have lost over 10 percent of its work force this year.

Staff turnover in the industry isn’t unheard of, especially when projects conclude. However, alongside a high number of departures, Digital reports that DICE is facing stiff competition from other major studios, including Epic Games and Ubisoft, that have recently opened offices in Stockholm, and are reportedly offering more attractive employment packages. DICE was once known for its low turnover rate, and it certainly doesn’t help that some of those who have left for greener pastures include veterans who had been with the developer for over 10 years.

Interestingly, Digital reports that Star Wars Battlefront II‘s troubled launch also contributed to the turnover. Apparently, developers were required to “rush a new version of the game out” following the microtransactions controversy, which seems to have caused some discontentment.

That said, DICE is still one of the most popular employers in Sweden, according to a separate publication, VA.

Although DICE is unlikely to comment on a report of this nature, we do recommend taking it with a grain of salt until an official statement is released.

[Source: Digital, VA via ResetEra]