The Elder Scrolls Online Murkmire DLC Will Respect Argonian History

The Elder Scrolls Online is soon getting an expansion titled Murkmire, thrusting players into the boggy, swamp ridden lands of Black Marsh, where our fellow Argonians dwell. It’s an unvisited location in the Elder Scrolls series, one ripe with Argonian culture and lore that the DLC hopes to enlighten fans to. Lead designer at ZeniMax Online, Ed Stark (not Game of Thrones related), took time out with PCGamesN to discuss how they’ll be developing the Argonian species within Murkmire for upcoming players:

We’ve done other zones with Argonians in them, obviously Shadowfen acting as one of the most prominent in northern Black Marsh. [Murkmire] is their natural habitat, mostly un-interfered with.

Stark then showcased the area of Lilmoth, which is referred to as the “festering jewel of Black Marsh.” At Lilmoth’s center lies the remains of an Imperial wall, a vestige of former conquerers whom failed to procure a space within hostile lands that did not belong to them. Stark emphasizes that history will play as much a part in the world’s design as anything else.

Most notably, Stark declares that the contents of this expansion will echo throughout the future of Elder Scrolls games, saying:

People that play these other games… they’re going to play them in the future in our timeline. We actually get to set things up.

What that means for The Elder Scrolls VI or further expansions can only be speculated upon, but it seems that they’ll be creating a lore of their own.

Who else is ready to brave the marsh infested lands of Murkmire? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: PCGamesN]