Official God of War Glitch Video’s Full of Humor and Honesty

Usually, pre-release footage is used as a sizzle reel that highlights the game’s most visually stunning, mechanically impressively, and narratively engrossing moments. PlayStation and Santa Monica studios offered us something very different. This “God of War – Midgard Mishaps” video showcases pre-release development gameplay featuring some of the game’s most spectacular and hilarious glitches.

Take a look at the small disasters that came about when developing this masterpiece.

The video is divided into several different sections: Atreus, combat, dance off, and cinematics. At the beginning, we even get some narration from God of War lead developer, Cory Barlog, himself as he compares a glitch with Atreus’ face to “Hellraiser.” We see Kratos stiffly punching the air and, later, launching an enemy into the heavens. The team even cut together some awkward limb movements over a techno beat to create a dancing montage. The video description speaks to the challenges the team face that were, ultimately, worth it.

Making a video game is difficult. Making a stable game that both pushes the capabilities of the hardware and creates a super immersive, no-camera-cut, epically-sized AAA gaming experience like the one seen in the new God of War, is vastly more difficult. This massive task, involving hundreds of people developing and implementing content simultaneously, which can often have a tendency to break things, definitely added to the challenge.

It’s always nice when studios pull back the curtain regarding their most successful titles. Making God of War wasn’t easy, and that’s something Cory Barlog has been open about. This video offers a much needed, lighthearted, honest window into game development.

If you haven’t experienced the glory that is God of War, it’s available now on the PlayStation 4. At the time of writing this post, it’s on sale via the PlayStation Store for $39.99