Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Sets Multiple NPD Sales Records for September 2018

As if it’s any surprise after being a critical and commercial success, the NPD Group reported some even more impressive statistics for the PS4 exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man. Insomniac didn’t just break one record. They set multiple records during the month of September 2018. It was the best selling game overall during September, as well as the highest launch month dollar sales for any PlayStation exclusive in history.

While it may have broken records in terms of dollar sales, Spider-Man sits as the seventh all-time biggest launch on PlayStation platforms. It did, however, outperform every other Spider-Man game in history. In fact, it’s launch month sales were 37% higher than every other Spider-Man game’s launch months combined. To put that one into perspective, there are well over 20 other Spider-Man games in history, however its not clear which ones are included within the NPD’s data.

Finally, Marvel’s Spider-Man sales currently put it as the third highest-selling game of 2018, which is an impressive feat after only a month on the market, ten months into the year.

The first part of Spider-Man’s three part expansion series released recently in a DLC called The Heist. While we thought that it was pretty weak as a single episode, there’s still the opportunity for the greater City That Never Sleeps arc to be a great added piece of content that builds on Marvel’s Spider-Man’s greatness. Insomniac also just released a patch that added New Game+, a brand new difficulty mode, and puddle stickers to the photo mode. You can get a look at the full update patch notes for all of the added features.

Do any of these stats surprise you? Did you expect Marvel’s Spider-Man sales to be as record-breaking as they are? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.