Get ‘Just the Facts’ on Marvel’s Spider-Man The Heist DLC

Peter Parker’s journey in Marvel’s Spider-Man may have come to an end, but that doesn’t mean New York City is safe. Wherever Spider-Man goes, trouble is sure to follow. That’s especially true of The Heist, the first DLC expansion for Marvel’s Spider-Man. And when there’s trouble, you know J. Jonah Jameson is on the case, for better or worse. He’s back, making sure to give “Just the Facts” on what’s in store for The Heist.

The new trailer dives into some of the new features this DLC brings. Check it out right here:

As you can see The Heist brings plenty of new things for you to do in New York City. Screwball, after initially tricking Spider-Man to take part in her twisted online game, is apparently back with a new set of challenges. In addition, see him using the Spider-Bot, a controllable drone.

Perhaps most appealing are few glimpses of the story, which has been kept in secrecy. We do know Black Cat is back, and the trailer shows that the flirtatious relationship between her and Spider-Man is still present here. We also learn the Maggia is causing trouble, as they’re known to do. The gang didn’t show up in the Marvel’s Spider-Man campaign, but we did know another crime faction was going to be part of The Heist, and the Maggia certainly fits the bill. We also get quick glimpses at the new suits Peter can rock during the adventure.

The Heist is the first of three DLC expansions for Marvel’s Spider-Man. Altogether, they form an overarching story known as The City that Never Sleeps. The other two expansions Turf Wars and Silver Lining, release in November and December 2018, respectively. Each expansion can be bought separately for $9.99, or all together for $24.99.

The Heist is out now, as an expansion for Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]