Here’s a Look at The Heist, Marvel’s Spider-Man’s First DLC

“Is it September 7, 2018 yet?” That is the question all PlayStation 4 owners are asking as the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man approaches. The game will offer DLC in the months following its release. A teaser trailer for The Heist, the first add-on appearing on October 23, 2018, has appeared.

Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat, takes center stage in this trailer as she returns to town. She teases Spider-Man with various clues left throughout the city.

The trailer begins with her coy invitation to Spider-Man, telling him, “Catch me if you can.” We see both her and Spider-Man on subway trains heading  in opposite directions. She sits atop the car, smugly looking at Spider-Man, as he runs along the outside of his train car, moving against traffic, to catch up. She heads off into the distance while he swings into action, cutting to the name of the whole DLC package: Spider-Man The City That Never Sleeps.

This DLC bundle is split into three parts, which include The Heist, Turf Wars, and Silver Lining. You can check out the full schedule for upcoming DLC here. The full set of DLC costs $24.99, or you can purchase them individually for $9.99 each.

With a 20 hour campaign (not counting side quests), a photo mode, and this upcoming add-on, Marvel’s Spider-Man fans will have plenty to keep them entertained for the remainder of 2018.

Marvel’s Spider-Man release September 7, 2018 exclusively for the PlayStation 4.