Check out the New Suits Coming in Marvel’s Spider-Man’s First Add-on

Marvel’s Spider-Man wowed critics and fans alike. However, Spidey’s adventures (and troubles) are far from over. In October 2018, the first of Marvel’s Spider-Man’s three DLC adventuresThe Heist, will be released. The three form an overarching story known as The City that Never Sleeps. Of course, any new adventure calls for new gear, and three new suits will be introduced for Spider-Man to put on in The Heist.

The first is the Velocity Suit, a suit completely original to the game. It was designed by Gabrielle Dell’Otto, one of Marvel’s most famous artists. The other two suits are some fan-favorites taken from the comics. The first is Scarlet Spider II, and the second is the Spider-UK suit from Spider-Verse. While they all certainly look nice, only time will tell how they rank against the suits already in the game.

No other details were given about the suits, including how to acquire them, or associated suit powers. Insomniac previously divulged into the process used to create a new suit, showing how much care is put into each suit.

Take a look at the three upcoming suits here:

Scarlet Spider II, Velocity Suit, Spider-UK

In The Heist, Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) will return to New York Cit,y after only being teased and appearing during a side activity during the Marvel’s Spider-Man campaign. Creative Director Bryan Intihar promises Black Cat’s story will have many “twists and turns,” which certainly fits her unpredictable nature. The expansion will also adds new crimes, challenges, and trophies.

The Heist releases on October 23, 2018 and is an expansion for Marvel’s Spider-Man, which is out now for the PlayStation 4.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]