SpiderMan Suit

Insomniac Tells Us What Makes a Spider-Man Suit Great

When Sony announced Insomniac Games was making a brand new Spider-Man game, you can bet there were massive levels of hype before the release. Expectations were high, but thankfully Marvel’s Spider-Man didn’t disappoint. After its arrival, people were more curious about the development process. Insomniac Games took the time to explain what went into making one the most important aspects of Marvel’s iconic wall-climbing superhero: his suit.

Anyone who has played Marvel’s Spider-Man will tell you that the main in-game suit is a bit different from what we usually saw in comics or recent big-screen adaptation.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about the creation process:

There are so many aspects to designing  a game starring such a popular character, and the suit is only one segment of this huge, intricate project. In case you missed it, a previous look at the game involved a talk with the composer, John Paesano. And if you are eager to know more about the costumes Peter Parker has available, you can check out all the Marvel’s Spider Man PS4 suits ranked from worst to best.

Marvel’s Spider-Man certainly ended up being quite a ride. Those of you curious about what kind of experience awaits can check out our full review of the game.