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Remedy’s Control Will Supposedly Have a Fast-Paced Story and ‘Epic’ Boss Battles

Upon Remedy’s announcement of Control during E3 2018, many immediately took note of its similarities to Quantum Break. While the two do indeed look alike, in terms of tone and science fiction elements, there are numerous aspects that set them apart. Control’s protagonist, Jesse Faden, counts as one such key difference. Yet, the studio has noted another intriguing dissimilarity—pacing. Apparently, the newest title’s “epic” boss fights serve as another.

In an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine, Thomas Puha, Remedy’s Communications Director, touched on escalating the pacing for Control.

We had a lot of back-and-forth on Quantum Break’s beginning, which was very slow-paced, and had a lot of setting up. Which was very deliberate. [Control] gets to the point a lot faster.

Puha seems to specifically refer to the way in which the story unravels. Which makes sense, given what we know about Control’s opening. While attending a job interview, Jesse Faden’s potential future place of work is attacked by a supernatural entity. Her would-be boss dead, Faden is left in charge of restoring order and making sense of the chaos. Fast paced it will most definitely be, indeed.

Puha also offered more information about boss fights. During EGX 2018, a mini-boss of sorts was shown off in a gameplay demo. As the boss fight unfolded on-screen, Remedy’s Vida Starcevic explained the battle was merely indicative of Faden’s fighting an enemy whose more powerful than typical Control fodder. Puha elaborated,

We’re going to go very crazy with actual bosses. When we built the [EGX] demo I was like okay, the take away for people will be like ‘That’s a boss fight.’ It is and it’s not. They will be a lot bigger-scale and epic than what you saw there. That was kind of to give you sort of a taste.

What exactly does a true boss battle in Control look like? It doesn’t appear as though we’ll find out anytime soon. Perhaps Remedy will keep these moments as a surprise for players to discover in-game.

Control releases for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on an unspecified date in 2019.

[Source: Official PlayStation Magazine via GamingBolt]