The Tekken World Tour 2018 Grand Finals Heading to Amsterdam

Bandai Namco and Twitch announced the details for the upcoming conclusion of the Tekken World Tour 2018 competition. This includes the location, perhaps most important of all, which happens to be the aptly-named Theater Amsterdam.

Let’s go over the official details. The Tekken World Tour Global Finals will be held from December 1-2, 2018, at the Theater Amsterdam in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Players from around the world (Europe, Asia, and the Americas) will come together and figure out the real-life King of Iron Fist across two days of competition. Since Twitch is involved in running the event, it will be streamed exclusively on that platform.

One of the neat things about the “TWT” Grand Finals is that the final competition pool has not yet been finalized. Despite an ongoing series of qualifying events, the first day of Grand Finals will feature a Last Chance Qualifier, which will see a new pool of 256 players battle for one remaining open slot in the twenty-person finals bracket. Tickets are on sale for the event currently, and tacking an extra $20 onto the general price (while slots are available) will get you in the door for the Last Chance Qualifier.

For fans in attendance to just watch the event, there will also be meet and greet opportunities (including signings and photo ops) for Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada and design team member Michael Murray.