Decorate Your Home With PlayStation-Inspired Décor from Pottery Barn

Even for those who enjoy the process, decorating your home can become an arduous task. In many cases, the most difficult aspect of the experience is in deciding what to purchase and where from. A lot goes into such decisions, particularly with regards to cost and convenience. For PlayStation fans, Pottery Barn may have made things a tad bit simpler.

PlayStation has teamed with the PBteen Collection for PlayStation-inspired furniture. While the collection doesn’t offer many options, the furniture itself is rather appealing. Each piece of décor features a simple, yet uniquely PlayStation-centric design. Akin to much of Pottery Barn’s furniture, everything in the PlayStation collection is pricey.

The items and their respective prices are listed below:

  • Gaming Media Console — $1,099
  • Lounge Table — $399
  • Beanbag — $249
  • Icon Wall Light — $199
  • Acrylic Cubby — $69

Each piece of furniture is available to purchase through Pottery Barn’s official website. Take a look at the items in the following gallery:

In other PlayStation décor-related news, NECA’s God of War figurines that were announced this summer are releasing this month (November 2018). The figures, a two-pack featuring Kratos and Atreus, finally have a price, too. At Big Bad Toy Store and Entertainment Earth, bringing home the father-son duo will cost fans $49.99. Kratos’ figure stands 7 inches tall and has 36 point of articulation; the Atreus figure has 25 points of articulation. Included in the package are an array of accessories, such as Mimir’s head, Atreus’ bow, frost and fire effects, the Leviathan Axe, and more.

[Source via PlayStation Blog]