One of the Best Red Dead Redemption 2 Glitches Features Rapidly Spinning Cowboys

One of the mot memorable glitches from the original Red Dead Redemption was the Cougar Man, a bizarre bug that caused a human model to take the place of a cougar. In a similar vein, there was also Birdman, a human character model that could be seen flapping its arms and flying through through the sky. In fact, many animals in the game could have their models replaced by humans, to horrifying effect.

With so many people playing Red Dead Redemption 2, players were bound to come across more hilarious glitches. One of the funniest so far is this bug where gravity seems to have entered some kind of twilight zone near the game’s third camp. As Arthur walks near the water we see one person begin to tilt awkwardly. Arthur follows suit, casually talking to Dutch as he goes from vertical to horizontal. A crazy spinning begins and Arthur hits Dutch’s legs, knocking him from reality into an insane horizontal spinning routine that is apparently how outlaws bond in 1899.

You can watch the full video of the crazy Red Dead Redemption 2 glitch below.

Despite funny glitches like these (or perhaps in some cases, because of them), Red Dead Redemption 2 is lauded as one of the best games of this generation and has been selling extraordinarily well. A lot of people who bought the game allegedly called in sick on launch day to play this massive title. One additional glitch has players wondering if Mexico will play a big part in Red Dead Redemption Online. We’ll probably find out soon, as RDR Online is set to launch this month and is required if you want to get the Red Dead Redemption 2 Platinum Trophy.

Have you encountered any funny Red Dead Redemption 2 glitches or bugs? Are you enjoying your time as Arthur Morgan in the twilight of the Wild West? Let us know in the comments below.