Rainbow Six Siege Season 4 is Called Operation Wind Bastion

Today, Ubisoft has revealed the initial round of details for Rainbow Six Siege season 4. This season is called “Operation Wind Bastion,” and is set in Morocco. This season brings a new Attacker, a new Defender, and a brand new map that is directly related to one of those new Operators.

The new map is called Fortress, and according to Ubisoft is the very first map to be “heavily associated” with an Operator. Fortress is set in a military training facility in the Atlas Mountains, a facility that is specifically a mudbrick Kasbah, a style of defensive architecture unique to southern Morocco. Fortress is designed around having two distinct sections,each built to feature several options for engagement, both long and close range.

Ubisoft has yet to spill the beans on who the new Operators are or what they do, but more will be revealed on November 18, 2018. This is also the date for the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Finals, which are being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Rainbow Six Siege has been in the news most recently with a slight controversy, as some of the more violent content in the game is being altered leading up to the game launching in China and other markets. The game also recently wrapped up a Halloween event, and all of the Year One Operators are currently on sale until March 2019.