Ubisoft Censoring Graphic Content in Rainbow Six Siege to Prepare for Asian Launch

Rainbow Six: Siege is about to look a bit different. As Rainbow Six: Siege rolls out into Asian territories, Ubisoft is tweaking its massively popular shooter. In a recent dev blog, Ubisoft noted some aesthetic changes that will be coming.

While there will be no major gameplay changes being made, the visuals of Rainbow Six: Siege will be toned down significantly. Ubisoft has already given some examples of what will be updated, showing that references to violence, sex, and gambling will be affected. While these are pretty notable changes, Ubisoft stresses that Rainbow Six: Siege will stay “true to its roots.”

As for why Ubisoft is making this change three years into Rainbow Six: Siege’s life, it has to do with stricter censorship rules in China. China even has a strict stance on portrayals of the undead, meaning references to skulls need to be amended. While the developer notes it could have created a separate build for Asian markets, a single, global build is much more preferable. It may look different, but it will still be Rainbow Six: Siege when all is said and done.

Here are some examples of the changes coming to Rainbow Six: Siege:

In other Rainbow Six news, its “Mad House” Halloween event just wrapped up. Earlier in 2018, Ubisoft began issuing bans for players using racial slurs. What do you make of these changes? Do they bother you? Or do they not matter one way or another? Let us know!

[Source: Ubisoft]