Marvel’s Spider-Man Turf Wars DLC Release Date Confirmed by In-Game Menu

Insomniac Games recently launched The Heistthe first of its post-launch story content for Marvel’s Spider-Man. Still, there are two more expansions set to arrive in 2018. Thanks to the keen eyes of Reddit user macredblue, we now know when the second expansion, Turf Wars, will launch. Prepare to return to the spectacular world of Spider-Man on November 20, 2018.

This information appeared on the main menu screen for Marvel’s Spider-Man. Interestingly, a release date is not all the in-game menu provides. It features a brief description too, which confirms that Spidey will go toe-to-toe with Hammerhead.

A screen capture from macredblue’s Reddit post appears below:

spider-man turf wars dlc

Hammerhead makes an appearance during The Heist, as he is leading the Maggia crime family. Given the first DLC’s events and the brewing gang war, the crime boss and hero are unlikely to meet on the best of terms. However, Hammerhead’s overall role in Turf Wars remains a mystery.

The third and final batch of story content, Silver Lining, is scheduled to launch in December 2018. Silver Sable, who, unfortunately felt underserved in the main game, will get her moment in that add-on. It doesn’t have a specific release date yet. Considering The Heist’s October 23rd launch and Turf Wars’ November 20th arrival, reason suggests Silver Lining will drop later in the month.

Fans interested in the DLC can either purchase them collectively for $24.99 or get the stories separately for $9.99 each.

[Source: Reddit]