Rainbow Six Siege Operator

Rainbow Six Siege’s New Operator Looks Electrifying

We learned about “Operation Wind Bastion,” the fourth season of Rainbow Six Siege, which will take us to Morocco with a new map and the promise of additional Operators. Ubisoft has finally given us a sneak peek at an Operator named Kaid, whom is listed as a defender.

Kaid can be seen throwing some time of electric trip mine device to the ceiling, where it attaches effortlessly and begins distorting the surface with electrical currents. The trailer doesn’t offer any information on what the cinematic means, exactly, but we can expect a full reveal on November 18, 2018 during the Season 3 Finals in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

For those who have maybe taken a step away from Rainbow Six Siege, the addition of its new map, the Fortress, is the first step in trying to integrate a new set of roles involving those previously mentioned Operators. Here is Ubisoft’s official description.

A section of the Fortress is newly renovated, including the resident Commander’s office, bedroom, and private hammam. Players will find widespread use of decorative ornaments, luxurious furniture, painted ceilings and a massive chandelier. The zellige tilework, mashrabiya woodwork and marble surfaces are just some of the finishing touches to this section. There’s also a room dedicated to all the previous commanders. Their portraits adorn the walls, reminding all of the importance of tradition.

There are also a few aesthetic changes coming to the game, as a result of censoring it for Asian markets. Discomfort is not something Ubisoft takes lightly when it comes to Rainbow Six Siege‘s fans.

What do you guys think the new Operators are like? Share your thoughts in the comments!

[Source: YouTube and Ubisoft]