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One Piece: World Seeker’s Japanese Release Date and More Revealed in Jump

Earlier this year, open world anime adventure game One Piece: World Seeker was delayed to a 2019 release window for both Japan and North America. Now, the latest issue of Weekly Jump has confirmed a new release date for the Japanese version. Along with the release date are new details about the game, which are continuing to roll out as the magazine circulates.

First of all, One Piece: World Seeker is set to release in Japan on March 14, 2019. Beyond that, Weekly Jump confirms that Luffy will be able to activate his Gear Fourth form in the game, which will make his movement and abilities “super dynamic.” Luffy will have multiple costumes players can switch between, and there will also be some sort of skill system. In this system, players will spend points to unlock abilities, upgrade exploration, and train in Haki, which is the sort of driving power force in the One Piece universe.

This information comes from Gematsu, which is generally quick to offer translations of magazine spreads when scans and images begin to trickle out. This one’s a bit funny, as the only image so far is about half the spread, as the original photo is from someone more interested in some Kingdom Hearts info than One Piece: World Seeker. So, more could follow in the near future when the other half of the page gets out.

[Source: Gematsu]