Anthem Delay Rumors Force Executive Producer to Speak Out

The rumor mill has run amok, following Sony’s decision to not hold a PlayStation Experience event in 2018 and to skip E3 2019 entirely.  Some are saying Sony has nothing left to show, while others think they’re holding back some major “PlayStation 5” announcements. Those rumors have led to many murmurings on Reddit about Anthem being delayed, perhaps for Sony’s next console. Others are saying a one month delay is in the works. But Anthem‘s executive producer, Mark Darrah, has replied to Twitter mentions and even posted directly on his timeline to confirm Anthem‘s release date.

It’s not uncommon for development teams to toe the line when replying to delay rumors, so Darrah’s directness could offer some reassurance for skeptics. The steady stream of gameplay footage is a good sign, and lately, we’ve received an onslaught of details regarding the Javelins in Anthem. The additional information coming to us after the holidays, but before the game’s release, should help put this game in the forefront of our minds.

Some rumors prove to be true, but others are just mere speculation based on nothing concrete. Mark Darrah assures us the Anthem delay rumors are the latter.

Anthem will arrive on February 22, 2019 for the PlayStation 4,  Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: Twitter and GameSpot]