Fortnite’s New Dynamite Item Packed With Unexpected Problems

On November 20, 2018, Fortnite rolled out a content update for version 6.3. This update introduced us to a new Limited-Time Mode called Wild West. However, just 50 minutes after the content update went live, Epic Games had to make some adjustments. It seems that the Dynamite item was causing crashes for players.

This isn’t the first time an update has had unfortunate consequences. We saw similar drama occur earlier in November 2018, when version 6.21 created performance and matchmaking issues for players.

Fortunately, today’s crashes seem like an easier fix. Hopefully, this issue is resolved, so people can start blasting away. It’s especially important to troubleshoot this, because the Wild West LTM restricts the weapons and items you can use to a relatively short themed list. Now that Dynamite has been pulled, the only available items in Wild West are Campfire, Bandages, Medical Kits, and Slurp Juice.

It’s unclear if the team will introduce another item to fill the gap Dynamite has left. We also don’t know if Dynamite was meant to be a new item in general or was just making a limited-time appearance alongside Wild West. As usual, updates will come directly from Fortnite‘s official Twitter account.

[Source: Twitter]